Magnetic Door Lock – The Best Home Security System of Modern Time!

Safety is the prime concern of people in today’s Dark Age. We all want to feel safe and more than that we want our families to be safe. Therefore, having high sense of security at the home is the prime priority of the homeowners these days. There are several types of home security systems available in the market today and there are several elements too, to ponder over when choosing the right sort of home security options for your family. An alarm, locking windows, camera, keyless technology and high security door locks are the top 4 elements that you must seek for in your home security system.

How I realized the importance of installing home security system?

Home security does not merely mean to keep the intruders out; it is also about keeping your furry friends and tiny tots in. I have a little kid and he is too much curious. Just a few months back, I left him alone in the room barely for 30 seconds and I heard a sound of chair sliding across the floor. When I entered the room, I found that my little son was trying to open the front door. That time I truly realized how important it is to secure our home with efficient locking device.

Why securing the home with magnetic lock is the trend of the time?

There are several types of home security systems available in the market today such as keyless, deadbolt, magnetic, garage, biometric and remote locks. While all the available options are good to use and they all have some distinct features, Magnetic Door Locks gain a higher acceptance in this safety concerned scenario due to its electromagnetic features and the other avant-garde traits.

Keep your kids safe with home security systems!

Of course, you can’t keep tabs on your kids all the time. Any time of the day your kids can slip away out of sight. All that is needed are a few seconds to get in trouble. Thereby, having a high sense of security all around your home should be your prime priority. The safer your home, the better it is.

Keyless technology works wonder for ladies!

Ladies who do odd hours job and return home late at night, no longer need to fumble around for the keys in the dark. The magnetic door lock works on the keyless technology and provides failsafe security to your home. The offenders or ill witted people will surely fall flat in executing their evil approaches when trying to break in a property safeguarded through magnetic lock.

Summing up –

The comfort of operating the gate that you get through magnetic lock is truly matchless. Just a push of a button and your door opens at your command. So, the best thing you can do to save yourself, your pets, your kids and other family members is to buy and install high quality home security system at the entry and exit point of your home.




What Is The Importance Of a Telephone Entry System?

A telephone entry system provides security and convenience to its owners. It is important today to keep a record and track visitor’s access at secure entry points and a telephone entry system aids that effort. Intercoms are the device that are used for two-way communication between the entry point and the tenant. Intercoms are used in a multitude of different environments that include apartment complexes, office buildings and gated communities. Linear Telephone Entry Systems are one of the best devices in the market when it comes to the security of your property.

Various Types of Telephone Entry Systems

Auto-dial Telephone Entry Systems

This telephone entry system stores and dials pre-programmed numbers when a visitor presses a unit number.

Home Visitors Entry Systems

This device was crafted for residential properties and allows residents entry when they are at home and the ability of call forwarding for access when residents are not at home.

Multiple Residence Entry Control

This is a series of intercoms that are designed to act as a commercial or industrial entry system. The security device can be used in office locations and situations when the user determines the dialing number.

The telephone entry system is broken into auto-dial entry control, home visitor entry control, and multiple residence entry control. The Linear Telephone Entry System is designed with unique features to suit the user’s diverse needs. The Telephone Entry System is installed at commercial properties, offices or condominium complexes. There are a range of options depending on the building specifications and requirements.


List of Different Linear Entry Telephone Systems

Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System
Linear AE1000 Plus Commercial Telephone Entry with Access Control
Linear AE2000 Plus Telephone Entry System with Access Control
Linear AE-500 Commercial Telephone Entry System
Linear RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System

Magnetic Locks – The Next Generation Locking Device!

Just imagine life without locks! Your hard earned property under threat of theft, your loved ones in an unsafe environment, aren’t these a horrifying thought? Of course it is! Locking solutions carry a high significance in everyone’s life.
Sadly, traditional locking devices that use to be a bulky lock and key are no longer enough to give us a higher level of security.


Be it a jewelry showroom, residential apartment, corporate building, department store or any of such establishment, the concept of traditional lock and key will not serve the purpose here. These types of establishments call for the mechanism of incredible locking device that can give you the failsafe sense of safeguarding your property in the best possible manner without having you to compromise on the point of appearance. This is the place where installing the advanced security systems like Magnetic keyed lock perfectly fits into the frame.

About Magnetic Gate Lock:
By installing a magnetic lock to the entry and exit point of property, you can stay assured that your valuables and loved ones are best protected from the sight and gimmick of evil minded people. No mater you have a residential property or a commercial building, it is complimented with a swing gate or slide gate, a magnetic keypad lock would always be the best match for it and will add another layer of security to the door systems. Magnetic gate locks works on the concept of electromagnetism. The gate protected with such types of lock can only be operated when a requisite operation command is given to it.

By buying and installing a magnetic lock, you can have a high sense of pleasure that you have got the best value of your money and done the best on your part in protecting your lovables and valuables.


Wrapping Up:
Going through the aforesaid information about the importance of locking solutions and magnetic locks, you would have come to the conclusion that no any stranger can open your gate with an ill intention without your authorization as long as your gate is protected with the mechanism of magnetic gate locks.

Before you make a final move investing into this incredible innovation of technology, be sure to buy it from any trusted website only. Furthermore, have them installed by the pro technicians only for the best use and stay assured to give complete protection to your hard earned assets.

Fine Features of Fingerprint Access Controllers!

Over the past few decades, the image of manual access control systems has been replaced by technological access control systems especially in the corporate sector. It is an ideal way to record the arrival and departure of employees on a routine basis. One such technological system that seems to be all the rage in the corporate sphere today is the fingerprint access control system.

By having this biometric system installed, you just need to press your finger on a small scanner to access a room or building. If you are an authorized person to enter the premises, you will be granted access.

However, granting safe access is not merely the advantage of this system; there are many more features too. If you want to know about the other top reasons that might have you install a fingerprint-based system in your organization, keep reading.


The Effectiveness And Efficiency Of The System

This fingerprint based access control is specifically designed to store data as patterns or signs. Since every Fingerprint Access Controller is unique, the system is expected to be operated accurately and smoothly. These are just a few of the features that make biometric systems stand apart from card systems and make them a favorable choice. Not to mention, the data of the card can be tampered as well as can be used by unauthorized persons. But, any sort of tampering or misuse is not possible with biometric systems.

Quick and Easy Installation

Fingerprint Access Controllers are easy to use and easy to install. Furthermore, the stored data of employees can easily be handled as all you need is just to match the fingerprints with the employee.

Better & Advanced Features

Biometric systems offer better and advanced support in comparison to other door access systems. For example, most of the biometric devices support multiple languages; hence, can easily be integrated with Windows server machines so as to track the timings and movements of your employees.

Fewer Or No Chances Of Fraud

A fingerprint access control accurately analyzes the identification of the person whomsoever interacts with it. Within a fraction of second, this electric device will compare the scanned fingerprint with the database to find a match and if there is no match in the database, the door will remain closed and the management will be alerted. Due to this amazing mode of operation, there is no chance of duplicity, proxy or forgery to be done.

Now that you know why a good quality biometric system such as a Fingerprint Access Controller is the best choice for your business, improve your company’s security with this technological boon!

Why Switch to Electric Strike Locks?

In today’s world, it is essential to upgrade your security level. For this, you need to replace your old locks as it is hard to completely rely on them. You can rely on electric strikes for your safety.

Electric Strike Locks are basically electrically powered locking systems to manage door access. Installing this device, you will have more control over the entire security system as well as your doors. Have a look at the configurations and features of these types of locking systems in order to understand their importance.

These locks have ramped surfaces to lock latches that permit the doors to open. In order to unlock the latches, you have to grant access using a device such as a button or telephone for example. And it is sure that no one can unlock your doors without your permission. It means you are more secured in comparison with older locking systems.


There are two additional configurations that make your life easier and safer. First, it has failed-locked feature and it applies electricity on striking/locking. With this, you can open your door even in case of failed power supply. You are able to open the door by turning the knob of yor door. The second is fail-safe feature. It allows the doors to be locked at the time of electricity supply. Using the direct current, it works like magnetic locks. You can open the door with the push or pull.

It is very safe to install and use. After the electric strike lock installation, you need not worry about safety and the buzzing sound. Basically the buzzing sound is the alternating current. This locking system provides you the complete control over the access of your doors. Its installation ensures your safety.

After knowing the features and configurations, it is sure that you will like to replace your old locking system with electric strike locks. Contact Magnetic Locks for your demands of electric strike locking systems. The company will support you in availing high quality electric based locking systems.

Always Feel Protected with Advanced Telephone Entry Systems

Designed for apartments and gated communities, telephone entry systems have been proven vital in past for safeguarding the privacy of people and protecting them from various other security threats. The telephone entry system varies for different sites such as small, medium, large or extra large. The machine helps you to have complete control over access to the property. You can customize the settings of the machine as per your requirement to get the best out of it.

These telephone entry systems with camera come as well for a full proof protection. They require the telephone entry access.  The visitor will have to communicate with you directly before entering your premises. Only after taking your permission on the telephone, he will be allowed to enter. You can also deny the admittance through the telephone land line or cellular phone with a touch of a deny button your Smartphone if you do not wish to allow access to the visitor who is looking to enter in your property.


Using the telephone entry system is very easy and does not require any specialized knowledge. There are several important features of this machine. The broad features of this machine are as follows.

  • The machine does not follow a complex procedure that is difficult to understand and apply. The telephone entry system is easy to install and simple to use.
  • The machine offers very convenient remote access of the control system
  • The machine comes with the capacity to store sufficient number of entries in the memory. You can electronically store as much entries as want. The capacity of storing entries varies with the type of telephone entry system you are using.
  • You can instant block the access with a single tap on your Smartphone
  • You can easily read the text as the machines come with LCD screens and brightest displays
  • You can easily control all the doors and gates of your buildings by just sitting at one place. You can operate the electric doors, MAG locks, door operators & gate operators.
  •  You can fully customize the machine and make necessary changes that fit your needs.

To take the best care of your privacy and for full protection of your area, this telephone entry system is ideal. It is important for you to have only limited access in your apartments so that you can reduce the chances of strangers or undesired people in property.

Magnetic Locks for the Enhanced Safety of Your Establishment!

In today’s world where everything calls for a touch of elegance while serving its core purpose at the fullest. From apparel to its accessories and from your business to its security, everything is needs to be paid detailed attention to so that they may perfectly fit to the criteria of both beauty and safety.

This is the reason that people are more concerned about the protection of their premises with a pinch of elegance in it. Keeping this demand of time in mind, the market of locking devices is flooded with so many types of security solutions that promise to secure your establishment elegantly and efficiently. Though all those various types of advanced locking systems that promise to protect your loved ones and valuable belongings are doing their job, one aspect that tops the rank of all when it comes to both ideal beauty and optimum security is the Magnetic Lock.


Magnetic Locks:

No matter if it is a residential building or commercial property, both support the power of magnetic locks and play a very pivotal role in securing the property and enhancing its appearance.  Magnetic locks use electromagnetism to control the locking mechanism as well as come with Magnetic Lock Brackets for the perfect installation. These electromagnetic locking devices rely on electric power to function; as a result, they are as dependable as a TV or a refrigerator. As no key is needed to operate these locks, you will never be locked out due to a lost key.


With a perfect installation of magnetic locks, you can feel free from the fear of larceny, robbery, burglary etc. It won’t be wrong to say that you can get the complete protection of your property with the perfect installation of this locking system.

Buy Magnetic Lock From A Trusted Site:

If you are looking for a right source to make a purchase of an Magnetic Lock, look no further than It is a trusted store of that stocks a huge range of advanced security solutions including Magnetic Lock Brackets. This exclusive range of Magnetic lock brackets allows the users to perform the task of security installation with a great ease and confidence.

Shop from the comfort of your home or business and make your home more protected than ever with advanced locking devices.

Electromagnetic Door Locks for Efficient and Convenient Door Access Control


With scores of robberies and other unlawful activities, it has become highly essential for property owners to make their establishments safer. When it comes to safeguarding your home or business with efficient door access control, there can be no better device than Electromagnetic Door Locks. Using Electromagnetic Door Lock kits not only provide you and your loved ones a more secure environment, but also a superb way of discouraging criminal’s efforts to breach your safety.

Functions & Features of an Electromagnetic Door Lock:

These door access control systems can also be used with an intercom system too; this feature is extremely beneficial for a large home. Such intercom systems make the communication easier and at the same time offer a larger sense of safety. So we can say that the most important functions that an Electromagnetic Door Lock provides is the safety control and communication which make this advanced safety gear the most popular security solution of the modern world. After all, what else we want from our door access control system!

Electromagnetic Door Lock Kits Includes The Following Accessories:

  • Power supply and backup battery
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Access control devices



So, use a right type of modern security solution as a door access control and be sure to have round the clock protection for your property. Keep criminals out of the reach of your establishment with an efficient magnetic lock!

If you wish to enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle buy making the satisfactory investment, don’t think twice in contacting Magnetic By using Electromagnetic Lock and other highly sophisticated products by this shopping site, you can realize your dream of serene and secure lifestyle.

Manage Your Staff with Proximity Card Systems


Running a business is not child’s play and not everyone is capable enough of establishing and managing an enterprise. It needs dedication, talent, education and above all, the aid of advancement technology. Without using the latest in technology your business’ security measure will dwindle over time. Also, if you want to run a business smoothly you’ll have to manage your staff smartly and using an access control proximity system can help you accomplish that task.

Proximity Card System – A Modern Security Device

Proximity Card Systems which bestow multiple benefits including a high level of security. This system is also known as a Prox. Card System that not only allows better safety, but also delivers more convenience while entering and exiting the property. The reason behind this is the contactless card technology of Proximity Card Systems which make them able to be read access cards without inserting them into the reader.

How these systems work?

Proximity Card Systems work on uniquely encoded numbers for identification of individuals as when the card is held near a  reader for a moment, the reader produces a beep sound as it reads the card for its code. This makes the Prox. Card a convenient and user friendly device that delivers world class security.

A Device for Attendance Monitoring!

Proximity card systems are also great attendance monitoring systems and have their best uses in most commercial organizations and businesses. The quality which makes these security devices suitable for attendance recording is the reading, storing and accessing ability of the identities of authorized users recording their entering and exiting time.


In fact, there are certain proximity card systems that come with a panel that stores up to 65,000 cards and 10,000 events, this quality makes these smart locking devices even smarter. And this is why big businesses with large staffing needs trust Prox. Card systems for managing their staff and preventing intruders from unauthorized access.

Proximity Card Systems – Blessing the World with Advanced Security


Keeping the need of the world’s safety in mind, advanced technology and innovative minds have evolved newer, better as well as stronger safety systems known as the Proximity Card System, or a Prox Card System. These systems not only offer a better safety option, but also provide more convenience while checking in and checking out as the proximity cards are part of the new age of contactless card technologies. A ‘contactless’ smart card can be read without inserting it into a reader device, as required by the credit cards, contact type cards and other earlier magnetic strip cards.

More about Proximity Cards

Proximity card systems enable the identification of an encoded number when the card is held near an electronic reader for a moment. The reader generally produces a beep to indicate that the card has been read. In this way it supports the users’ convenience and ease while also providing solid security.

One of the great benefits of these cards is that they can often be left in a wallet or purseand read by simply holding the wallet or purse near the reader. Proximity cards typically have a read range up to 50 cm (< 15 inches).

Here are a few benefits of installing these security systems in your enterprises, offices or residences for your safety safety:

  • Prevent Intruder Access: The first and foremost advantage of having a proximity card access system installed in your enterprise or organization is that it prevents any unauthorized access in order to give you the privilege to run your business.
  • Eradicate the use of the Keys or Passwords: Now you don’t need to struggle with a bunch of keys as the prox card system works entirely on the encoded number identification, hence, providing an efficient security option for your business.
  • Easy and Cheap Installation: Proximity card systems are easy to learn and easy to install, without compromising quality or sacrificing critical features these convenient access systems contain everything you need for a complete two-door, expandable system for a very low price.
  • Ideal for Commercial Organizations: Proximity Card Access Controllers have their best uses in most enterprises as these devices are suitable for high security areas and are responsible for verifying and granting authorized access as well as attendance monitoring.

Hence, you see that Proximity Card Access Systems are the best choices for the commercial or industrial purposes. However, these access controllers can also be installed for residential security to give you a sense of safety when at home as well.