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Wireless Entry Systems

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  1. Linear MDR Garage Door Opener & Gate Operator Megacode Receiver

    Linear MDR is a 24-volt, single-channel, three-terminal receiver, 10 code capacity, MegaCode format.
  2. Linear DTKP Wireless Keypad

    This item is on backorder.

    Linear wireless keypad Compatible with ALL Delta 3 system products 310 Mhz frequency, 8 dip switches
  3. Linear DRA2T Kit - Linear DRA receiver and Linear Mini-T Transmitter

    This item is on backorder.

    Linear receiver and two remote kit includes a Linear DRA receiver and two Linear Mini-T key ring remotes. 310 Mhz.
  4. Linear DRA: 1-Channel, 12-volt, Receiver

    The Delta-3 Linear DRA 1-Channel 12-volt Receiver is a small economical unit designed for commercial gate and door access control. It is compatible with solid state control boards. Any Delta-3 transmitter may be coded to activate this receiver, and any number of transmitters may be used to operate this receiver. In addition, the Linear DRA may be programmed to respond to one of 256 digital codes.
  5. Linear DR2 Receiver - 2 Channel

    The Linear DR2 is a 2 channel receiver great for operation of two units. Works on the 310MHz frequency. Has 8 dip switches.
  6. Liftmaster 61LM 1 Button Remote Control Transmitter

    Liftmaster 61LM 1 button sears craftsman compatible 9 dip switch- 390 MHZ Frequency, works on models from (1984-1992) 12V battery and visor clip included.
  7. GTO RB709U Universal Receiver

    GTO RB709U is a universal receiver that allows GTO two and three button transmitters to control both gate openers AND garage door openers. It is compatible with most garage door systems.
  8. GTO AQ202 Receiver

    GTO AQ202 Receiver Assembly w/ 20 ft Cable.
  9. GTO AQ201 Receiver

    GTO AQ201 Receiver Assembly w/Antenna and 10 ft Cable.
  10. LiftMaster Model GCU Gate & Door Control Unit Receiver

    LiftMaster Model GCU Gate & Door Control Unit Receiver With Two built In Relays. Operates On 4 AA Batteries (Not Included). Pair With LiftMaster Wireless Keypad & Push Button.

  11. MINI-T: 1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter

    This item is on backorder.

    Linear Mini-T Miniature key ring transmitter, black case, white button, key ring supplied, test/operate LED, 256 selectable codes.
  12. Linear MDKP Exterior Wireless Keypad

    Linear MDKP - Surface or gooseneck mount wireless keypad for indoor/outdoor applications, built-in transmitter and antenna, keystroke lockout timer, keypad lighting, 9-volt battery powered, MegaCode format
  13. Linear DT Garage Door Opener Remote Control Transmitter

    The Linear DT is a One-button, one-channel, 9-Volt battery powered visor transmitter with removable visor clip, 256 selectable codes. 310 MHz
  14. 85 Memory 2 Channel Long Range Receiver for 1200 ft

    Stand Alone 85 Memory 2 Channel Long Range Receiver. Has a range up to 1200 feet line of sight when used with coaxial add-on and compatible remotes. 433Mhz.
  15. Model TS433TSD22K 2 Channel Mini Keychain Remote Control Transmitter 433Mhz

    Model TS433TSD22K Two Channel Mini Keychain Remote Control Transmitter For Model TSFAKIT433-2K 2 channel long range receiver kit.
  16. Single Channel Long Range Receiver & Transmitters for 1500 Feet

    This is the R1T1Kit that includes one R1 Long range receiver and two T1 long range transmitters. Range is 1500 feet line of sight!
  17. Model RF-TX310 310MHz Transmitter

    Model TX310 One Button Single Channel 310 Mhz. Transmitter With Dipswitches. Over 1000 codes. Range is 150+ ft. line of sight.
  18. Linear DT2A Garage Door Opener 2 Button

    Linear DT2A 2 button gate or garage door opener replacement transmitter for the Delta 3 system 310 Mhz frequency. Activates 2 Delta-3 receivers independently (will work with 2 receivers, i.e. 2 garage doors, 1 door 1 light) Compatible with ALL Linear Delta 3 System products
  19. 950BM-10RD-10EMRkit Handicapped Access Control System With Electric Swing Door Opener & Wireless Exterior Entry Button

    Model FAAC 950 MB is Discontinued. Please see new model FAAC 950N2 as the best replacement.
    The 433 MHz Series Transmitters and Receiver are ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. The push button exit Features a round slim design with blue Handicap logo and blue "push to open" text. Also included is a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable, safe, and suitable for hands-free and handicapped access.
  20. 10RD433 Programmable 433 Mhz Wireless Digital Receiver

    The 433 MHz Series Transmitters and Receiver are ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors.
  21. GTO RB741 1 Button Remote Control

    GTO RB741 Transmitter is compatible with GTO gate operator receivers. Will work with GTO's PRO1500, PRO2500, PRO3000, PRO4000, PRO1000, PRO2000, Mighty Mule swing gate operators and SL1000 slide gate operator. Simply set the dip switches inside the unit to match your other transmitters and receiver. Battery and visor clip included. Measures 2-1/2"H x 1-1/2"W x 9/16"D.

  22. 310R 310 MHz Receiver

    Model 310Rh. Frequency 310 MHZ and over 1000 code capacity. 150+ ft. line of sight range. Wireless access control at a great price!!
  23. Wireless Keypad Kit

    Wireless keypad Kit or easy wireless door access.  Includes wireless 387LM Liftmaster Keypad and coordinating three channel Liftmaster Receiver 423LM.
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