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Elite Telephone Entry Systems

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  1. Elite EL25 Residential & Commercial Telephone Entry System Model EL25

    Elite EL25 is beautifully engineered for private residences and gated communities. This telephone entry system is fully adaptable for use in apartment buildings, condo complexes, office parks and commercial sites. Up to 25 homes / residences and completely programmable with a PC via dial up modem. Choose your finish.
  2. Elite Dial Code LC LCD Display Telephone Entry System (DCLC)

    The Dial Code LC series are large character, liquid crystal display telephone access control systems. These advanced entry phones allow residents to communicate and control access to visitors using their existing phones.
  3. Elite EL2000 Telephone Entry System

    Chamberlain Elite EL2000 will change your expectations of what a telephone entry system should look like. The Elite EL 2000 is designed to complement virtually all gated community and is flexible enough to be used in apartment buildings, condo complexes, office parks and commercial sites.
  4. Elite Icon 26HT1000 Telephone Entry System Package

    Elite Icon 26HT1000 Package includes the Elite Icon 26HT1000 phone, memory card, internal modem, ElitePro software and communicator card. The Icon 26HT1000 is a large Extreme Heat Tolerant Display Telephone Entry System.
  5. Elite Dial Code Controller Unit

    The Elite DialCode Controller Unit is for perimeter access applications not requiring a tenant call feature. This controller option is equipped with a built-in modem, communicator card and software for local remote programming.
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5 Item(s)